Exustus confirms release details for patch 4.3


We have an awesome update available NOW on the App Store and Google Play Store. Those of you who have been following our social media announcements may be familiar with the list of features and changes.

New Skins

Get in the world cup spirit with 4 new stunning skins available for purchase NOW in the new item shop. You will find skins of the opening world cup game between Russia and Saudi Arabia. Stay tuned for more amazing skins in the upcoming updates.

drift and race online new world cup 2018 skins

New Item Shop

We introduced a new item shop in this update, It is the place where you will find all new skins in future updates. We will move the clothes shop from the map to the newly designed item shop. We feel this change will bring a better user experience and will make it easier to choose your favorite skins.

drift and race online new world cup 2018 skins

Limited Time Skins

World cup skins and Alking’s clothes are available for a limited time only, If you bought any clothes/skins then your purchases will still be available for you to use even after when they are no longer available for sale. These skins may come back in future updates so keep an eye on the item shop not only for new items but returning items.